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Greg Campisi
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This website serves as a simple portal to everything I am,
both in business and in spirit.

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GC Design and Creation

Awaken is a new vision for a nonprofit Center where individuals and groups will be guided
into their brightest, highest, and most beloved selves in Mind, Body, and Spirit through
the education and practice of empowerment, expression, love and acceptance.

GC Design and Creation

GC Design and Creation is Greg Campisi's Freelance Design Studio.
By trade, Greg is a graphic, web, and product designer.
To find out more and see the GC Design Portfolio.

visit GCcreation.com

Angel a Meta-fictional Novel

Campisi Gallery

Campisi Gallery is Greg Campisi's original
collection of artwork and photography,
featuring his original digital art series,
Photo-Spin™ and Photo-Streak™.

To view his work, visit CampisiGallery.com

Finding Ourselves


Finding Ourselves is Greg Campisi's
personal thoughts and views of
our soul, this world, and his spirituality.

It reflects his wish for a better world,
and a better humanity.

To read his journey, poetry, quotes, and more,
visit Finding-Ourselves.com.

Finding Ourselves

A new company featuring shirts and products
dedicated to a better world, an open heart,
and a Peace for Everyone


Finding Ourselves

A vision for World Peace, encouraging people
to accept each other and even through our diversity,
realize we're more alike, than we are different.

Finding Ourselves

Something for Your Spirit has officially closed its doors,
but its spirit and the driving wish behind it remains, and will be carried on
in many other reincarnations. Thank you to all who supported it.



OK, so if you made it this far down the page, you're in for a real "treat"
You get to hear me sing!

WARNING: This is for entertainment purposes only!